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About Me

Lisa’s photos capture her perspective of presence, awe and wonder with a style that is deeply emotive and stirs the soul. Living in the Pacific Northwest, she gets outside whenever she can, often from the perspective of forests, peaks, landscapes and the water. Always the passionate traveler, and camera in hand, she has traveled to amazing places around the world including: Antarctica, New Zealand, Peru, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, and Russia that really touched her heart and soul. Lisa feels most alive when learning, connecting and sharing moments with others. Open to all kinds of collaborations in Adventure, Travel, and Landscape photography.


Adventure Travel Photography

As a travel photographer, I blend a variety of themes to capture the moment, the light and the emotions. Each image transports the audience to that place without them leaving home.

SUP Norway

Nature Photography

On the mountain, at the beach or deep in the forest, my photos capture the feeling of being deep in the majesty of nature. A healthy natural world is the key to our human survival. We only have one planet to protect, and we all need to do our part to protect it! I'm a proud supporter of Ecologi. My monthly contributions go into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than my own carbon footprint puts in. Each project I work on, a percentage goes directly back to the planet. https://ecologi.com/lisasymonds

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Brand and Event Photography

A mixture of photojournalism and promotional images to elevate your brand and improve your website. Each branding photography session includes: 2 hour photography session and 25 edited Hi-Res images

Red Paddle Co
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